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Meet Enterpreneur cum K-Pop Star | Sang Min Lim

Meet Enterpreneur cum K-Pop Star | Sang Min Lim


How does an adoration for music impact vocations in both regulation and land? Sang Min Lim, organizer behind Sang Min Lim Law Firm and Real Estate (right now connected with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Keller Williams Realty), whose Korean and Chinese names are 임상민 and 林相旻, separately, has forever been dynamic in each of the three.

He has consistently had an adoration for music – one that remained dynamic even while staying aware of undergrad learns at an Ivy League school and all through his alumni concentrates on in regulation.

In any case, when he presented his presentation K-Pop tune and video in 2019, he had no clue about what the experience would mean for his business, Sang Min Lim Law Firm and Sang Min Lim Real Estate.

The more he voyaged, the more sympathy he acquired for the people who expected to squeeze into a culture that was essentially not quite the same as their own expressing, “I gained some useful knowledge about how hard it very well may be to step into a culture that isn’t yours and attempt to sort out what to do and how to live such that will assist you with building a decent life.”

It was an illustration that the South Korean local likewise perceived from his own encounters as an understudy in the United States. Those encounters drove him to contemplate what his clients expected to have a good sense of reassurance in their exchanges, particularly those migrating to the U.S. from different nations.

As a matter of fact, his longing to work with individuals on a more private level was one reason he got into land in any case. Today, he manages numerous clients from South Korea and China who are new toward the West Coast and hoping to put resources into the market.

Studies and Law

In the wake of moving on from Brown University, Sang Min Lim went to graduate school at the University of Southern California (USC), where he directed his concentration toward utilizing his gifts to help other people.

“While I was going to graduate school, I truly began to zero in on how the work I would do as a legal counselor would have an effect on individuals’ lives,” Sang Min Lim said. “Furthermore, contemplating that provoked me to likewise ponder how I, as a legal counselor, could work intimately with my clients to ensure they had the most ideal experience, and furthermore that they felt like they were safe and sound.”

Sang Min Lim’s law office has a business regulation and land regulation division. Sang Min Lim assembled his regulation practice around the possibility that the necessities of his clients ought to be the most elevated need.

He accepts that his clients need to be aware in actuality that their attorneys will continuously remain fixed on their wellbeing, and battle with all that they need to get them all that they merit.

“We never need to neglect to focus on that and consistently need to be comprehension of what the legitimate issues we oversee don’t only mean for somebody’s business, yet their life and their family also,” said Sang Min Lim. “However long we remain fixed on individuals, we accomplish incredible work. It’s basic.”

Client-Focused Care

Sang Min Lim incorporated these equivalent beliefs into his land business and he accepts these qualities separates him from his rivals.

“It isn’t just about knowing how to track down a private or business property. It’s tied in with utilizing on the web and conventional showcasing stages to track down the right property, remembering client’s requirements, and ensuring they’re alright with the cycle,” he said. “I frequently see realtors pushing through their own thoughts of what a client could require. That is not what we’re about.”

By the day’s end, for Sang Min Lim, his prosperity is enveloped with his capacity to associate with his clients and honor their requirements. His own prosperity is verification of idea, and Sang Min Lim couldn’t be more joyful to be the good example for client-centered achievement.

“I believe there’s a misinterpretation that you must be unoriginal and about business to succeed,” said Sang Min Lim. “I view this honor exceptionally in a serious way, and I treat what I do extremely in a serious way.”

About Sang Min Lim

Sang Min Lim is an Ivy-League graduate, artist, attorney and realtor. He is the proprietor of two organizations, Sang Min Lim Law Firm and Sang Min Lim Real Estate (at present connected with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and Keller Williams Realty). For land counsels in the Las Vegas, Los Angeles County and Orange County regions.

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/sang2day


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