Home Business Meet the Karateka – Hamid Nematiyan from Iran who has skilled in the sport and acquired the greatest achievements

Meet the Karateka – Hamid Nematiyan from Iran who has skilled in the sport and acquired the greatest achievements

Meet the Karateka – Hamid Nematiyan from Iran who has skilled in the sport and acquired the greatest achievements

Hamid Nematiyan is a renowned sportsmaster, coach, and karate champion. Born on July 19th 1982, in Tehran, Iran, he is one of the first TRX instructors in Iran.
Coach Hamid Nematiyan started his sports career in soccer playgrounds by playing football and then continued with karate when he was seven years old. His immense love for the sport made him become a professional in sports like self-defense, impact wrestling, full kick-boxing, body building, physical readiness and TRX, where he is perfectly trained. He is well certified as an official Trainer with coaching certifications. He is currently identified as one of the most active and successful sports managers in ‘Sport for All Federation’ of Islamic Republic of Iran. He is nicknamed as ‘TRX Godfather’.
His inclination towards the karate sport led him to the third place at the 2007 Shitorio Karate World Championships and the Champion of the Asian Championships 2008, the two best achievements of the sportsperson.
Karate is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu kingdom under the influence of Chinese Martial Arts, particularly Fujian White Crane. This sport mainly involves punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands and palm-heel strikes. It is a self-disciplined sport where an athlete becomes an expert with strenuous training and building efforts creatively. It is mainly practiced as an art and self-defense or as a combat sport.
The traditional practices emphasized on self-development but the Japanese style of training emphasizes the elements of psychology incorporated into a proper attitude such as perseverance, fearlessness, virtue and leadership skills. When practiced as a sport, it lays emphasis on exercise and competition.
The sportsmaster has several honors entitled to his name. Asian Championship 2008 and World Championships 2007 (3rd) are the most renowned achievements. The other titles which he has acquired include Black Belt DON 6 Karate Shitorio Shukokai Style 2017, Black Belt DON 6 Vadorio Style 2017, Black Belt DON 2 Full Kickboxing and TRX and Fitness, Asia. He has many certifications as a coach – Coach Certification Level 1 from Karate Federation 2011, Coach Certification Level 3 from Iran Bodybuilding Federation 2013 and Coach Certification Level 3 in Physical Fitness 2007.
He is the instructor in Coaching TRX Courses for Public Sports Federation, Tehran Chairman of TRX Suspension Exercises Committee 2015-present, Chairman of Technical Committee of Municipality Sports Facilities 2009, Director of Leisure and Entertainment of Sport Organization 2015-17, Commercial Manager of Sport Organization 2017-20 and Vice-President and X-Secretary of TRX Suspension Exercises Committee 2018. Currently, Hamid Nematiyan is the Head of the Iranian Nature Sports Association.
Hamid Nematiyan has been awarded the Green Brand Statue from the International Green Brand Conference. He has even authored the book, ‘Basic Requirements at Sport Organizations’. The TRX trainer is also involved in certain projects concerning the protection of the environment. This includes Ideation and Implementation of (Nazr-E-Varzeshi Quest) Plogging for 718 km in the country with the approach of cleaning natural pastures.
The coachmaster is a living inspiration to all the sport athletes. The tremendous work he has been providing to build up the athletes as well as his social work as the Head of the Sports Association comes with many responsibilities but the great trainer has never ever been tired of maintaining the balance throughout his work.
Do follow the sports master and expert coach on Instagram, @hamidnematiyan and to have some more and latest information, you can also visit his site, www.hamidnematian.ir


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